Straight Circles is the repository of all of David Hines’ creative thoughts and experiments with an end product of truly unique, one of a kind art. Straight Circles was conceived in 2002 out of the life long love of circular design. David’s design gallery and studio workshop, located on the edge of the Dallas Design District affords him the space to freely create and bring his contemporary designs to life.

About David Hines

A Texas Native, David Hines is an artist who has a curious mind paired with the know how of a mechanical engineer and a master at making the seemingly impossible, possible. Plagued with the ever-pressing question of can it be done; David passionately pursues artistic projects that push a works purpose to new and greater uses.

Hines’ keen eye, innovative approach to design, and great depth of knowledge of materials coerces objects and/or materials to exist in unique, creative, and sophisticated art forms. David’s art is derived from a true love of aesthetics, mid-century modern design, and an additive of insatiable curiosity coupled with the belief in the integrity of the newly created piece.

Skills and Services

David can be contracted for a wide variety of artwork fabrication in a wide variety of media, including:

David’s methods, again, are varied depending on the outcome desired: